This Introduction to GDPR will give a basic understanding of the main concepts, obligations and rights specified by the GDPR. It will give enough knowledge for attendees to be able to follow our other, more specialist, live online courses.  It will also give a good background for anyone considering our Data Protection (GDPR) Practitioner Certificate or our Data Protection for Medical Research and Clinical Trials course.

At Computer Law Training we have extensive experience of delivering data protection and GDPR training at all levels. So we are able to distil the absolute essentials into a three and a half hour introduction to GDPR for attendees with little or no knowledge of this rapidly developing subject.

We limit course numbers to 12 and deliver it using the Zoom platform. We expect attendees to use a webcam. This, of course, together with Zoom’s chat facility allows attendees to interact with the trainer.

This course:

  • lasts 3.5 hours
  • Introduction to GDPRcan be taken sitting at your desk (or anywhere you can connect to the Internet) – no travelling needed.
  • is limited to a maximum of 12 attendees
  • allows questions to be asked
  • assumes no knowledge of data protection
  • uses the Zoom platform
  • is priced at only £200
  • Course Tutor: Tim Musson

The course focuses on the UK GDPR and touches on the Data Protection Act 2018 and we have updated it to take account of any changes since the UK left the EU.

We cover the main points of the legislation  in a practical context with lots of examples.  It is important to understand not just the law, but how to translate it into action.

Topics covered include:

  • What is data protection about?
  • Basic Definitions
  • Data Protection Principles
  • Data Subject Rights – in particular Right of Access
  • Personal Data Breach and Reporting
  • International Transfers
  • Documentation and Accountability
  • What are the main risks?


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