We provide on demand online training which is low cost and flexible.

We currently offer, aimed at all staff:

  • Sector specific data protection awareness training
    • Awareness training for small charities
    • More coming very soon – get in touch to make a request
  • Bespoke data protection awareness training


Both types have been very well received by clients and:

  • generally last about 45 minutes
  • consist, typically, of five short videos
  • can be taken at any time
  • at the end of each video users must pass a brief test on that video
  • at the end of the last video there is a longer test, with a certificate available on successful completion
  • we make reports on completions available to administrators, for training records

The cost for these depends on numbers – please get in touch for a quote.

Make sure your staff understand the risks and how to avoid them.

We strongly believe that generic data protection training is only appropriate for those who make decisions about data protection in the organisation.  For others, it is essential that awareness training is in the context of the organisation or, at least, the sector. There is not a lot of point in telling people what they can and can’t do with personal data when they don’t know what personal data they are likely to handle!