We are passionate and well known for our ‘down-to-earth’ plain speaking approach.


We love helping YOU get it right. Our courses can be tailored to provide bespoke information to decision makers and front line staff, or more general awareness raising for all staff where appropriate. We offer a range of training opportunities relating to best practice and compliance in data protection law and information security.

These can take the format of a two hour, three hour, half day or full day sessions. Courses can be delivered at your premises, at our premises in Livingston or in a variety of venues throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. Some courses can also be delivered interactively online – just like being in a training venue, but at your desk.

You’re almost there – We provide options that might be specific to your sector, your personal needs, or both. We’re only a ‘click’, call or e-mail away – so get in touch.  We offer:

  • 2 hours bespoke at your offices
  • 3 hours bespoke at your offices
  • 4 hours bespoke at your offices
  • 6 hours bespoke at your offices
  • Half Day set agenda courses (at your office, our training centre, or other local training / conference facility)
  • Full Day set agenda courses  (at your office, our training centre, or other local training / conference facility)


We are one of (only a handful) of companies that can offer you training that awards a certificate endorsed by TQUK Ltd. who are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

training qualifications uk logoOver time, other and further courses will be added that might be sector specific, or more suited to your personal needs. If you can’t see your choice of course listed above, just contact usso that we can advise you of future training courses.

Since the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 and the introduction of the accompanying Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) all of our training takes into account both of these pieces of legislation. Training hours can be accredited as CPD for professional bodies whose members are required to accrue a stipulated number during the year.

All courses have clear learning outcomes. Some have been endorsed by Training Qualifications UK and certificates are awarded subject to passing an examination. Other courses have certificates of attendance issued that can be used to demonstrate an element of accountability and assist with GDPR compliance.

We can bring our training to you, the benefits in doing this are:

  • Convenient – Programmes can be presented at the location of your choice, at a time that is suitable for all your participants. This also means less time out of the office!
  • Confidential – Your opportunity to openly discuss real issues in order to produce real and applicable solutions with our training team.
  • Tailored – Programmes designed to meet the specific requirements of your company or organisation.  We can design a programme for you and ensure the content is specific to your sector or needs
  • Team Work – Greater interaction and enhanced learning experience.
  • Cost Savings – The costs to your organisation are considerably less than sending a large number of participants to a course held in a hotel or conference centre.


We’re only a ‘click’, call or e-mail away – so get in touch.



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