Your staff COULD become your weakest link – unless you get them trained..

With all the recent news stories about information security, such as the recent Wannacry ransomware attack, everyone seems to be aware of the dangers. You will probably need some form of training…..

The biggest weakness in all organisations is people: it is just too easy to send staff an email and persuade them to click on a bad link or open an infected attachment.  There are many consequences including …

  • A ransomware infection
  • Installation of a keylogger, which tells the hacker every key which is pressed on a computer
  • Stealing of login credentials
  • Stealing of confidential information


Your staff are inherently nice people and in many circumstances, have simply made a mistake. To protect you against this we provide cost-effective end-user security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks (with no malware involved!).  The training also includes other risks, such as incorrectly addressed emails and losing memory sticks.

This service can be delivered in various ways:

  • Simulated phishing campaign, recording which staff click on links. Results of phishing campaign are used to give realism as part of the training.
  • For large clients the above service can be provided, but delivering bespoke online training.
  • The phishing campaign be delivered in standalone mode, with appropriate training delivered automatically when users click on a link or open an attachment.
  • Standard face to face or online training using examples of phishing, without the actual phishing campaign


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