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You want to know you’ve got it covered?problem solved rundal left

Of course you do!

Your Directors, Execs and Management teams have had either 3 or 4 hours training. They know what should be being done within the organisation. It’s over to you now – you’re the teams and staff that will face the everyday challenges of data protection and GDPR compliance within the business.

  • What can you print and leave on your desk, or in your drawers?
  • What can you copy onto a memory stick?
  • What can you copy into the cloud storage?
  • When do documents need to be shredded?
  • Can you give a colleagues ‘phone number to a family member or friend?
  • What do you do if a customer complains about their data?


The list of questions that could affect your daily working routines with regard to data protection are, more-or-less, endless!

You’re at the coal face…

As the working teams or staff within your business – it is your responsibility to ensure that your processes and procedures are followed and that short cuts and workarounds are not implemented. If there is a culture of shortcuts or workarounds, there will be problems in the future. Problems that could cost the organisation a frightening amount of money!

But we can help with this, with some training. 2 hours is all it takes to make you aware and think. We can attend at your premises, use your meeting room facilities – we can even bring all our own AV equipment  – and we can deliver a GDPR overview relevant to “All other Staff”

Get in touch to find out more and enjoy the benefits of the confidence that a little bit of training can bring.

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