Do you need a Data Protection Officer ? Lots of companies don’t even know..

Seriously, lots of companies don’t know whether or not they even need a DPO – Speak with us – Get in touch now – and we will advise you…

Some companies and organisations need a Data Protection Officer as dictated by Data Protection laws.  (Article 37 of the GDPR refers)  Others may need one, simply as a result of the volume and/or nature of the data processing they undertake. Finding, keeping and paying a full-time DPO can be a costly exercise and can add, significantly, to your overhead.

Have you considered DPO services on a “pay-as-you-go” basis ? ……

Our virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) services include;

  • Initial Data Protection audit
  • Annual audit and update.
  • Priority response to Data Protection issues.
  • Half Day ‘buying segments’ (pay-as-you-go)
  • Optional facility to “share” a DPO with other parts of your organisation, group of companies etc.


At an initial meeting we would undertake a mini-audit and an assessment of your needs, which will help you gauge your current level of risk and decide the steps which will manage that risk.  Based on this meeting we will be able to quote a price for our services and if you decide to proceed we will carry out a full data protection healthcheck and agree a programme of work with you.

Because we often work with clients who are a distance away or work on split sites, meetings can be held online, using conferencing software.  This sort of outsourcing can be a very cost-effective data protection solution for small to medium sized businesses, giving continuity of support without committing a member of staff (saving you an expensive overhead!).

If you want more information on DPO services – We’re only a ‘click’, call or e-mail away so get in touch.