Despite our office & training centre being closed….

We’re still open and working hard. The wellbeing of our staff, visitors and the wider community is our priority and our office is currently closed with staff working from their homes to deliver our services, consultancy and training to our customers. We are not able to accept callers to our office and our staff will not be able to carry out visits to customer premises.

As our office is closed please try to avoid posting letters to us as we are unsure of when we will be able to reply. Try and send information etc. to us via email – see further down, or contact us.

We are still ‘working’ Monday to Friday 08.30 thru 17.00hrs and e-mails are checked outside of these times too. We aim to minimise the impact this will have on our customers / class delegates and we thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this challenging time.


We can still offer our certified and endorsed training to you, or provide advice and consultancy during this time of uncertainty. Our various contact and communication details are in the next section and we invite and welcome you to contact us for anything you might need or wish to discuss further.

We can offer consultancy ‘slots’ of 30 minutes – that can be booked according to diary commitments, we can offer certified live online training that will be delivered via Google Meet, Zoom or MS Teams (accepting that the same platform has to be used for class delegates on a particular course)


Although our office is closed, you can continue to contact us and keep up to date via:-

Email –


Twitter –

Linked-In –


Facebook –

We don’t do Facebook !! ………. (yet)

Coronavirus – Advice & Information

For the latest updates on Coronavirus please click

The World Health Organisation advises the incubation period – between infection and showing any symptoms – lasts up to 14 days.
There is currently no vaccine for coronavirus however there are things we can all do to prevent it from spreading such as:-

  • Regularly and thoroughly washing your hands.
  • Coughing and sneezing into tissues
  • Not touching your face with unwashed hands, and;
  • Trying to avoid close contact with infected people (social distancing)


If you think you may have been infected with the coronavirus you must call the NHS 24 telephone service on 111 for further advice.
For more information visit:


Keep Safe.