Training and consultancy
in data protection and GDPR

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At first sight data sharing seems to be completely against the principles of data protection. However, it is essential if our world is to function effectively. A balance needs to be struck between the privacy needs of individuals, the data needs of organisations and the needs of society. This is not always easy.
This half day data protection course will address the issues in the Information Commissioner’s guidance and consider questions such as:

• Should I share personal data with the police?
• Should I share data with a private investigator?
• Can I share data with a sub-contractor?
• Can I have an ongoing (or systematic) data sharing agreement with another organisation?
• What sort of policy or procedure should we have for data sharing?

Learning outcomes:

• Understand the meaning of data sharing and its importance
• Understand the legal constraints on data sharing
• Be aware of the factors to consider before sharing data
• Draw up a draft data sharing procedure
• Draft a privacy notice to permit data sharing

A knowledge of Data Protection at least equivalent to our half-day course ‘Introduction to Data Protection’ and preferably ‘Understanding Data Protection – the Fundamentals in Context’ will be assumed.
This course will satisfy the requirements of most professional bodies for three hours of verifiable CPD. Attendance certificates will be available on request.