Could your reputation suffer? With training, it shouldn’t !

Now there is increased regulatory activity and growing public awareness and concern, no organisation can afford to ignore data protection. Compliance, preferably best practice, avoids problems with the regulator, preserves reputation and develops client confidence. Would you know what to do with, and how to handle a Subject Access Request or a request under the Right to Object?

We have provided data protection consultancy to several law firms, supporting them with their compliance, including compliance audits, appropriate documentation, advising on processor contracts and advice on personal data breaches. We have also delivered training to a large number of solicitors, often through other organisations, such as the Law Society of Scotland.

In addition to our generic courses, which are suitable for legal professionals, we have developed four half day courses aimed at addressing the needs of the legal sector. These courses, focusing on significant data protection challenges, are particularly relevant for solicitors and others who have a specific responsibility for the handling of personal data, but will also be of value and interest(!) to many others.


These half day courses will be available in August and September through the Law Society of Scotland.  In the meantime, if you would like us to deliver any of them in-house please contact us.  Alternatively, if you would like to attend a public course please get in touch and we will try to build a critical mass..

Data Protection: Managing Data Subject Rights

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Data Protection Compliance: Accountability and Governance

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Data Protection: Data Sharing

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Data Protection and Direct Marketing

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Training hours can be accredited as CPD for professional bodies whose members are required to accrue a stipulated number during the year. This course will satisfy the requirements of most professional bodies for six hours of verifiable CPD. Attendance certificates will be available on request.  All courses have clear learning outcomes. Some have been endorsed by Training Qualifications UK and certificates are awarded subject to passing an examination. Other courses have certificates of attendance issued that can be used to demonstrate elements of accountability.

We can bring our training to you, the benefits in doing this are:

  • Convenient – Programmes can be presented at the location of your choice, at a time that is suitable for all your participants. This also means less time out of the office!
  • Confidential – Your opportunity to openly discuss real issues in order to produce real and applicable solutions with our training team.
  • Tailored – Programmes designed to meet the specific requirements of your company or organisation.  We can design a programme for you and ensure the content is specific to your sector or needs
  • Team Work – Greater interaction and enhanced learning experience.
  • Cost Savings – The costs to your organisation are considerably less than sending a large number of participants to a course held in a hotel or conference centre.


We’re only a ‘click’, call or e-mail away – so get in touch.