Training and consultancy
in data protection and GDPR

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Information is the lifeblood of modern businesses: client lists, transaction details, sales figures, commercial or industrial processes, business plans, appointment schedules, contracts and agreements are all essential. These need to be available when needed, but only available to the right people. Information security is all about the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. If correct information is not available then work cannot be carried out correctly and if the wrong people have our information this can create data protection compliance and enforcement problems or damage our competitive position. Information threats range from staff carelessness to external targeted attacks. This is a tricky area as it involves a subtle mix of human and technical aspects, together with traditional physical security such as locked doors.
This training course will outline the main consequences of a security failure and the main risks and it will give some essential precautions to take in order to avoid problems.
Learning Outcomes:

• Be aware of the consequences of an information security breach and its implications for data protection compliance
• Understand the information threat landscape
• Understand the stages of the hacker’s methodology
• Recognise simple social engineering attacks
• Be able to instruct IT support to implement basic security technologies
• Avoid careless security practices

This course will satisfy the requirements of most professional bodies for three hours of verifiable CPD. Attendance certificates will be available on request.