The Board says we need ‘this’ – the Team says we do ‘that’ – you’re stuck in the middle! 

A horrible position to be in. You want to please the Board / Directors / Exec Team – but you’re the management tier that comes into contact with the working teams first. The teams, that on occasion, pass on their moans and gripes.  So you need … GDPR Training for Managers.

In many organisations the Board think they know how the teams are working and what they are doing with what data. In ‘reality’ the teams have found workarounds or short cuts or simply need to use personal data in ways the Board doesn’t realise. After all, they want to make their job easier, right?

Wrong!! When your teams take short cuts and find workarounds – this is when the organisation is at its most vulnerable. This is when copies of data end up where they shouldn’t – downloaded onto a memory stick? copied up to a cloud based storage location? printed off for reading later and left somewhere?

In one company I worked with senior management said staff couldn’t use Dropbox.  When I spoke to staff several of them said they were using the free version.

You need to be aware of what the Board are trying to achieve and what your role is with regard to ensuring this happens with your teams.

You’ll only know if:

  • You have sufficient existing expertise, or;
  • You and your fellow managers have training.

How long do you need for GDPR Training for Managers?

3 hours is usually perfect. All of our courses are live, online and we can deliver a GDPR overview for Middle & Junior Management.  

A nudge in the right direction that ensures you are supporting the Board. This demonstrates your path to GDPR compliance.

(We can deliver a shorter version for ‘all other staff’ too!)

We can provide an ‘off the shelf’ course or easily adapt one of these to your needs – this is the advantage of using a data protection specialist rather than going to a large training company.

The benefits of our live, online training include:

  • Convenient – No travelling – participants attend at their desk or in their home office. This means less time out of the working day!
  • Confidential – Your opportunity to openly discuss real issues in order to produce real and applicable solutions with our training team.
  • Tailored – Programmes designed to meet the specific requirements of your company or organisation.  We can design a programme for you and ensure the content is specific to your sector or needs
  • Team Work – Greater interaction and enhanced learning experience.
  • Cost Savings – The costs to your organisation are considerably less than a large number of participants individually attending a course.

We’re only a ‘click’, call or e-mail away – so get in touch.