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Should you lead by example?lead by example

Well the answer, of course, is YES!

As the leaders for your business (with whatever ‘title’ you choose to use) – it is your responsibility to lead by example and drive the organisation in the direction that it needs to be driven. You want to make money. You want to increase your profits. You want to be successful.

However, you face constant hurdles:  Health & Safety, Audits, Compliance, VAT, HMRC, Policies, Procedures, Documents – and now, of course, there’s more!! But, with the potential for severe penalties if you fail to do what is now required by law.

In many cases “you” won’t actually do it, your staff, employees, teams – will.

But YOU DO need to know: what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and if they’re doing it right.

You’ll only know if:

  • You have sufficient existing expertise, or;
  • You and your Board / Exec Team have training.


How long?

4 hours is usually sufficient. We can attend at your premises, use your Board Room (or any other large enough room) – we can bring all our own AV equipment (unless you happen to have some) and we can deliver a GDPR overview for Senior Managers / Directors / Boards etc.

No dramas, nothing that even further commits you. A nudge in the right direction…

Get in touch to find out more and see how we can help you. (Oh, by the way, we can deliver a shorter version for your staff too!)

If your staff understand GDPR and they understand the importance of getting it right – they’ll better support you; all of which will be a massive leap in the right direction toward your GDPR compliance pathway, and, specifically, your accountability portfolio.

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