You probably WILL need help in your sector?

Get in touch to see how we can help and what we can do for you. Most GP surgeries, dental practices etc. should have a Data Protection Officer – worried as to whether you can afford this or have the knowledge to appoint one – see our outsourced DPO page to help.

We offer a range of data protection services for the care and private health sectors – this includes care homes, home care providers, day care providers, childminder / daycare providers and complementary therapists.

Following the changes from DPA ’98 to both GDPR and DPA ’18, there are GDPR key changes to consider and whether you process data in accordance with GDPR vs DPA. Who enforces the data protection act? Why does data protection matter? What are data protection rights?


Organisations and practitioners in these sectors typically handle very sensitive data about vulnerable clients. It is essential that this data is handled ethically and legally. Failure to do this can cause considerable damage to individuals and result in enforcement action by the Information Commissioner.

In August 2016 Whitehead Nursing Home was fined £15,000 because they hadn’t encrypted data on a laptop which was stolen.  Enforcement action doesn’t always result in a fine but it will certainly have a serious impact on reputation.

The Information Commissioner’s Office published a report on its findings from visits to residential care homes, highlighting the following areas of concern:

  • staff training / data retention
  • fair processing information
  • encrypted email / data sharing
  • system security
  • incident reporting
  • encryption of portable devices
  • fax machine / physical security
  • data protection policy
  • CCTV surveillance


We can help with all of these, usually starting with a gap analysis to determine your real needs and what areas need some help.  We are aware that this sector is not generally well funded and try and keep costs to a minimum by offering online training and holding all or most meetings online. GDPR in the Care Home Sector, care sector, health sector and complementary associations are all in a days work for us.

We’re only a ‘click’, call or e-mail away – so get in touch.