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We are continually told that we cannot run a business without marketing it through social media; we must use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or one of the many others. While these platforms clearly have value for marketing and market intelligence this needs to be put in the context of the risks both of using and not using (or, at least, monitoring) social media. An understanding of the risks will help to mitigate them.
This half day course will consider a range of issues, including information security, reputation, identity theft, ownership of contact lists (and other thorny Linkedin issues), advertising standards and social media policies.

Learning outcomes:

• Monitor social media for comments on a topic
• Assess the sensitivity of information to be posted on social media
• Be aware of ownership issues in social media
• Avoid breaching advertising standards when using social media
• Be aware of important issues in formulating a social media policy

This course will satisfy the requirements of most professional bodies for three hours of verifiable CPD. Attendance certificates will be available on request.